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YPPS BluePrint - Print Account Management

Please note: All print jobs will be purged every two hours to keep the print queues active.

PaperCut User Page

You have access to a personalized user page that provides information such as your available balance, print history, and pending print jobs, as well as options to add funds, request refunds, and access other important PaperCut print account-related functions.

To log into your PaperCut user page, click here

(Note: you may also access your user page directly by going to the URL ypps.yale.edu/blueprint/papercut-user)

Other User Resources

To add funds to your PaperCut print account, click here

To request a refund for a print job, click here

To release jobs from your IOS device, click here (must be connected to YaleSecure)
(Please note: this link is intended for use with mobile devices only. If you need to release a print job from a Mac or PC, you should use the web print option that is available on your PaperCut user page.)

To create a guest print account, click here
(Please note: guest accounts should only be created if you do not have a Yale NetID - otherwise you should access your account by logging in with your NetID to your PaperCut user page. )

Departmental Resources

To create or administer Shared Accounts (also referred to as "Cost Centers"), click here