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Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Vol. 2 • Issue 06 • August 2014

Jacob HackerFrom Jacob Hacker

What did you do this summer? See what our Graduate Policy Fellows said, and what the next cohort are interested in. Our undergraduate Director’s Fellows spent the summer doing policy internships and a number of them have written engaging posts for Lux et Data. Meanwhile, ISPS’s Behavioral Research Lab—the first open lab for behavioral research within Yale’s social sciences programs—is up and running thanks to Vivek Ashok. Stay tuned for an update on all our events and research programs, including the Center for the Study of American Politics, ISPS Health at Yale, and our soon-to-be announced center for the study of inequality.


Sept. 4 @12:15 ISPS Health
Andrea Campbell (MIT)

Sept. 4 @12:00
Quantitative Methods
James Robins (Harvard)

Sept. 10 @12:00 CSAP
Rachel Silbermann (Yale)

Sept. 17 @12:00 CSAP
Adam Dynes (Yale)


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Policy Fellows: New & Old


Did Obamacare make more young people entrepreneurs? Are demands for redistribution driven by self-interest? How does work-life balance affect who runs for public office? Read all the project summaries of the  2013-2014 class of Graduate Policy Fellows.  And our new 2014-2015 class of Graduate Policy Fellows are gearing up to do exciting policy research this year under ISPS's auspices. Read their biographies.
For more information on this program and our undergraduate program, see the ISPS Fellowships page.

Lux et Data Blogging Corner


Simon Brewer, an undergraduate Director's Policy Fellow, writes on the disparities between traditional public schools and charter schools.
Deborah Beim and John Kastellec write about how the court of appeals makes death penalty decisions, originally posted in the London School of Economics blog LSEUSApp.
David Mayhew and Matt Bettinger look at "Obama's Next Congress," originally posted in Monkey Cage.
Rahul Singh, an undergraduate Director's Policy Fellow, writes on "The Perils of Bitcoin as Currency."
Q & A with David Rand on his new study on pro-social preferences in "Cooperating with the Future."

2nd Annual Yale Day of Data: September 26


ISPS is co-sponsoring the second annual Yale Day of Data, September 26, 2014. The conference is a day-long event that will focus on data science and partnerships across industry, academia, and government initiatives. Registration is now open.
The event is also sponsored by the Provost's Office, Yale University Library, Yale's ITS, the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, and the Yale Institute for Network Science.
Provost Ben Polak will be one of the keynote speakers, and Vivek Ashok, a political science PhD student and ISPS Graduate Policy Fellow will present the work being done by ISPS's new Behavioral Research Lab.

APSA's Heinz Eulau Prize for Economic Security Paper


Jacob Hacker with co-authors Philipp Rehm and Mark Schlesinger paper “The Insecure American: Economic Worries, Financial Worries and Policy Attitudes,” won the American Political Science Association’s Heinz Eulau prize for the best article published in 2013 in Perspectives in Politics. The paper is part of ongoing project of the Economic Security Index (ESI), created at ISPS and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation since 2007. The ESI measures volatility of household resources and, in addition, seeks to broaden our understanding of the disparity with which Americans experience insecurity.

Publications, Media, and Mentions



Vesla Weaver discusses the militarization of the police force, Michael Brown and the Ferguson protest in Slate's Gabfest.
Deborah Beim and co-author's forthcoming paper, “The Interplay of Ideological Diversity, Dissents, and Discretionary Review in the Judicial Hierarchy: Evidence from Death Penalty Cases” will be published in The Journal of Politics October 2014.
Vesla Weaver writes on the "Carceral State" for the Boston Review.
Jacob Hacker in a two-part Q&A with Craig LeMoult on WSHU's "State of Disparity" series.
Chris Wildeman and co-authors new study on Childhood Maltreatment in JAMA Pediatrics.

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