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Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Vol.2 • Issue 5 • May 2014

Jacob HackerFrom Jacob Hacker

The newsletter will be taking a break this summer, but things will still be humming at ISPS. (Check our website for the latest.) Among the big news, Vesla Weaver’s pathbreaking new book, Arresting Citizenship (written with Amy Lerman), will be out at the end of June. The book is the first serious social science examination of the political consequences of the massive post-1970s expansion of American criminal justice institutions and practices, from prisons to parole to police stops. Meanwhile, ISPS’s enterprising Director’s Fellows—Yale College’s best and brightest—will be changing the world one policy internship at a time. And ISPS’s new behavioral lab is up and running, thanks to the hard work of Graduate Policy Fellow Vivek Ashok and the lab’s first director, Greg Huber. Congratulations to all. And to all a successful summer.


Public conferences and workshops are on summer break. Check back with our events page for important updates.


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Vesla Weaver's New Book


A new book written by ISPS faculty resident and political scientist, Vesla Weaver, along with Amy Lerman (UC Berkeley), is due out on June 30th. "Arresting Citizenship" tackles not only the alarming rate of incarceration in the United States, but also how this growing "state within a state" of second-class citizens challenges our most fundamental idea of democracy.  Published by University of Chicago. Read full press release here.

Lux et Data Blogging Corner


Susan Hyde writes on the presence of international monitors in the Egyptian elections and whether it gives election fraud legitimacy.
Viveca Morris writes about the toxic coal-ash in North Carolina's Dan River, Duke Energy, the EPA, and the politics of clean up.
Rebecca Ellison gives the reasons the federal government should pursue aggressive policies to support clean energy.

The ISPS Behavioral Research Lab is Open


The Behavioral Research Lab (BRL) is opening its doors as a place for scholars from across Yale to conduct rigorous research in a controlled setting. The BRL connects research with the broader goals of ISPS, deepening our understanding of behavior and its consequences for politics and public policy. The BRL is currently recruiting members of the Yale community to participate in studies. Yale students and staff can sign up on the BRL website: http://isps.yale.edu/brl. After completing a short survey, participants will be entered to win a $100 Amazon.com gift card. The director of the BRL is Professor Gregory Huber. The lab manager is Vivekinan Ashok, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Political Science.

Amanda Kowalski Receives NSF Award


Amanda Kowalski recently won a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation. The award will support funding for her project, "Public Health Insurance, Medical Expenditures, and Labor Market Outcome," for the next five years. As a health economist, Kowalski's research objective is to find the empirical answers to key policy questions. Her most recent research explores the impact of the 2006 Massachusetts health reform with an eye toward the likely impact of the 2010 national health reform. 

Where Our Director's Fellows Are This Summer


One of the goals of our undergraduate Director's Fellows is to send out our students to learn real world policy. To accomplish this, the Fellows have found internships this summer n the policy world.
Tanner Allread: White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education (DC).
John Aroutiounian: The Trevor Project (NYC).
Simon Brewer: Center for American Progress, Economics (DC).
Millicent Cripe: Medicaid and CHIP Commission ( DC).
Josh Eisenstat: All Our Kin Frontiers of Innovation (New Haven).
Becca Ellison: White House Council on Environmental Quality (DC).
Josh Feinzig: Council of Economic Advisors (DC).
Stephanie Heung: New America Foundation, working under Susan Blumenthal (DC).
Alisha Jarwala: Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Educational Opportunities Project (DC).
Austin Jaspers: White House OMB (DC) and Global Health Fellow to Ghana.
Jordan Konell: Public Interest Law Center Urban/Civil Rights Division (Philadelphia).
Ike Lee: Center for American Progress, Economics (DC).
Jared Milfred: Brookings Institution (DC).
Rachel Miller: Lee Rogers for Congress campaign (Los Angeles).
Viveca Morris: Yale Entrepreneurail Institute "Tech Boot Camp" (New Haven).
Rahul Singh: President's Council of Economic Advisers (DC).

Publications, Media, and Mentions


Greg Huber is honored as Outstanding Mentor by the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
Susan Hyde on CBC Radio show, The Current, discusses the Egyptian elections and international monitors, also covered in her blog post.
Susan Hyde blogs on The Monkey Cage about replication data in political science.
Dan Butler and Eleanor Powell publish, "Understanding the Party Brand,"in Journal of Politics.
Eitan Hersh receives the Best Paper by Emerging Scholars award at the Midwest Political Science Association's annual meeting.
Kate Baldwin publishes, "Why  Vote with the Chief? Political Connections and Public Goods Provision in Zambia," in American Journal of Political Science. The paper also won the AJPS Best Article Award.

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