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Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Vol. 2 • Issue 8 • October 2014

Jacob HackerFrom Jacob Hacker

As the leaves change color in New Haven, all eyes are on whether the Senate will change hands in November. Fortunately, ISPS has some of the best election scholars in the world, and two of them — Eitan Hersh and David Mayhew — offered their wisdom on October 30. Not to be outdone, our undergraduate Director’s Fellows and graduate Policy Fellows are writing up a storm. Read some of their amazing work below. The Director’s Fellows, in particular, are on a roll: Austin Jaspers was hired by the White House, Jared Milfred has just become Chair of New Haven’s Democracy Fund, and Becca Ellison is a Yale nominee for the Rhodes and Marshall fellowships. Starting Nov. 10, we will be accepting applications for next year’s class of politics and policy superstars.


Nov. 5 @ 12:00 CSAP
Ismail White (GWU)

Nov. 6 @ 12:00
Quantitative Methods
Vida Maralani (Yale)

Nov. 12 @ 12:00 CSAP
Jowei Chen (U Mich)

Nov. 19 @ 12:00 CSAP
James Snyder (Harvard)

Nov. 20 @ 12:00
Quantitative Methods
Emily Erikson (Yale)


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Nov. 10: Show Me the Money


Join us on November 10 @ 4:00 as ISPS hosts a panel discussion on campaign donation disclosure: "Show Me the Money: How Transparency in Political Donation Could Change American Elections." Panelists include Trevor Potter (founding President of The Campaign Legal Center and the founder of Stephen Cobert's Super PAC) and Heather Gerken (Yale Law School), who will talk about the legal foundations and policy proposals; and political scientists Ray La Raja (U Massachusetts) and David Primo (U Rochester), who will talk about the empirical evidence of the effects of disclosure laws. Eitan Hersh (Yale & ISPS political scientist) will moderate. To be held at Luce Hall Auditorium, 34 Hillhouse Avenue. Open to the Public. More information here.

Lux et Data Blogging Corner


Jenna Healey argues that all the fanfare for new technology that helps delay motherhood obscures the real issue, that is, family leave policy, in "Rejecting the Biological Clock."
Jerome Schafer explains why educating students in basic concepts of statistics would improve voter competence in "The Democratic Virtues of Teaching Statistics."
Corina Mommaerts writes on the rising costs of long term care and how to improve the financing and delivery, in "Health Care's Older Brother: The Long Term Care Crisis."

Undergraduate Fellowship Applications to Open


Applications will be open on November 10 for ISPS's undergraduate Director's Fellows program in Domestic Policy. The fellowship is open to Yale sophomores and juniors and will run the calendar year: January 2015 - December 2015. The program aims to build a community of students who seek to bridge the gap between academic work, career interests, and their passion for government, policy, and politics. The fellowship places an emphasis on developing the skills and tools needed to translate their research findings into policy proposals, including blogging, op-ed and policy memo writing. Summer internship is required. Check back with our Fellows page on November 10 to apply.

Faculty and Student Publications


Mark Schlesinger and co-authors look behind the scenes at Marketplace Assisters in year one of the ACA in "Report from the Field," published by Kaiser Family Fund.
Ike Lee, an undergraduate Director's Fellow, co-authors a Center for American Progress report on middle-class wage stagnation and the effect on American big retailers.
Michael Sierra-Arevalo's SSN policy brief on "Ways to Improve Police Legitimacy in Poor, Minority Neighborhoods," suggests key steps to improving community-based policing tactics.
Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson reflect on the rebirth of policy-focused analysis in the recent issue of Perspectives on Politics.
David Mayhew reviews Ira Katznelson's book on the New Deal era and "fear itself" with southern Democrats in Perspectives on Politics.
Jason Lyall writes in Monkey Cage on the continued fighting in Afghanistan.
Tiffany Davenport publishes "The Effect of a Son’s Conscription Risk on the Voting Behavior of His Parents" in the American Journal of Political Science.

Faculty and Students in the News


Andrew Papachristos is interviewed on NPR about the social contagion of homicide victims in high-risk neighborhoods.
Jared Milfred, an undergraduate Director's Fellow, is the new chairman for the City of New Haven's Democracy Fund.
Vesla Weaver participates in the forum at Brookings to commemorate the passage of the Civil Rights Act; in addition, she was in a panel on the black middle class: See video clip.
Jacob Hacker participates in a panel discussion at UVA's Miller Center, on infrastructure and middle class job creation with former Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, and former LA mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa.
Ed Kaplan is elected president of the Institute for Operations Research in the Management Sciences (INFORMS), with his term beginning in 2015.
David Mayhew, the Parthemos Guest Lecturer at University of Virginia, speaks on what to expect from Obama's fourth congress. And on Bloomberg News, Mayhew has this to say about Obamacare, "We could well be calling it Pelosicare."
Upshot quotes Alan Gerber in an article on campaign finance: "Money helps challengers level playing field."

ISPS Panel Discussion on Midterms 2014


On October 30, ISPS held a panel discussion on what to expect in this year's elections. “Midterms 2014: Expert Perspectives and Predictions,” was sponsored by both ISPS and the Poynter Fellowship in Journalism. Panelists included two ISPS election experts: David Mayhew, who gave the statistical and historical overview of incumbent presidents' fourth congress, and Eitan Hersh, who focused on voter turnout. Natalie Jackson, the Huffington Post pollster, presented all the permutations of the forecast models. The Director of ISPS, Jacob Hacker, moderated. A video of the entire event will be available on our website soon. Please check back with us. 

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