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Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Vol. 3 • Issue 8 • October 2015

Jacob HackerFrom Jacob Hacker

As usual at ISPS, new policy-relevant research is pouring forth, including Andrew Papachristos and Michael Sierra-Arevalo’s new working paper on the effects of “focused deterrence” on crime in New Haven and Alan Gerber and Barry Nalebuff’s recent piece for The New York Times' “The Upshot" on how to run “a new kind of poll, one that does a much better job of measuring the will of the voters.” Two new books by ISPS-affiliated Faculty are also making waves: Sam DeCanio’s Democracy and the Origins of the American Regulatory State and John Roemer’s Sustainability for a Warming Planet. If that isn’t enough, you can read a revelatory blog post by our new Graduate Policy Fellow, Gina Roussos, on the problem with new digital games that are supposed to promote empathy toward marginalized groups like the poor.  Finally, a reminder to Yale College students and their advisers: Next month we’ll be opening applications for next year’s Directors Fellows in Domestic Policy. Join the team!


Nov 4 @12:00 CSAP
Amy Semet (Princeton)

Nov 5 @12:00 Quant Methods
Justin Grimmer (Stanford)

Nov 6 All day: I-CSI & IRGG
Symposium on "The Wire"

Nov 11 @12:00 CSAP
Joshua Clinton (Vanderbilt)

Nov 12 @12:15 ISPS Health
Jody Sindelar (Yale)

Nov 18 @12:00 CSAP
Yanna Krupnikov (Stony Brook)

Nov 19 @12:00 Quant Methods
Luke Keele (Penn State)


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Reducing Urban Homicide


Associate Professor Andrew Papachristos (Sociology) and PhD candidate Michael Sierra-Arevalo (Sociology) produced a working paper on the effects of using "focused deterrence," an effort to reduce gun violence in New Haven. Targeting certain crime groups, like street gangs, the project focuses its resources on more social services with community members and police confronting potential offenders with "call-ins." The Papachristos and Sierra-Arevalo study shows that in New Haven the homicide rate, which was on the rise in the last decade, has decreased since implementing focused deterrence. The research was funded by the Institution for Social and Policy Studies and The Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School. Read the stories in the New Haven Register and NPR. Paper available here and brief here

Lux et Data Blogging Corner


Alan Gerber and Barry Nalebuff (SOM) run a new kind of poll, one that gets at measuring the will of the voters in "Ben Carson, Beating All Comers," originally in The Upshot.
Gina Roussos, a Graduate Policy Fellow, writes about the downside of digital gaming in “The Counterintuitive Effects of a Prosocial Online Game- When Good Intentions Go Awry."
Michael Sierra-Arevalo finds evidence that implementing "focused deterrence" to reduce gun violence has met with success in "New Haven Focused Deterrence Strategy Associated with Significant Decline in Gun Violence."

Undergraduate Fellowship Applications Open Soon


Applications will be open on November 10 for the ISPS undergraduate Director's Fellows program in Domestic Policy. The fellowship is open to Yale sophomores and juniors and will run the calendar year: January - December 2016. The program aims to build a community of students who seek to bridge the gap between academic work, career interests, and their passion for government, policy, and politics. The fellowship places an emphasis on developing the skills and tools needed to translate research findings into policy proposals, including blogging, op-ed and policy memo writing. Summer internship is required. Check back with our Director's Fellows page on November 10 to apply.

Faculty Book: Sustainability for a Warming Planet


ISPS Faculty Fellow, John E. Roemer, the Elizabeth S. and A. Varick Stout Professor of Political Science and Economics, along with co-authors Joaquim Silvestre (University of California-Davis) and Humberto Llavador (Pompeu Fabra University), have recently published "Sustainability for a Warming Planet" (Harvard University Press). The book explores how to preserve our scarce resources; how to cap the greenhouse gas emissions; and how to do it fairly across generations and all regions of the world. More here.

Faculty Book: Democracy & the Regulatory State

ISPS Resident Faculty Fellow, Sam DeCanio, Assistant Professor of Political Science, has just published his book, "Democracy and the Origins of the American Regulatory State" (Yale University Press). DeCanio uses archival research to examine "electoral politics, the Treasury Department’s control over monetary policy, and the Interstate Commerce Commission’s regulation of railroads to examine how conservative politicians created a new type of bureaucratic state to insulate policy decisions from popular control." More here.

David Mayhew's Congress Lectures on Video


In case you missed the three-part series on the "Imprint on Congress," the MacMillan Center has made all the episodes of the Stimson Lectures that Professor David Mayhew gave last month available on YouTube. Also produced by MacMillan Center is a 25-minute Q and A with Professor Mayhew that gives an overview of his soon-to-be-published book, "The Imprint of Congress" (Yale University Press). The book will expand of the Stimson Lectures.  Watch video here.

Publications, Media, and Mentions


Jody Sindelar and Joachim Marti recently published, “Smaller Cigarette Pack as a Commitment to Smoke Less? Insights from Behavioral Economics,” in PLoS One.
Andrew Papachristos, Tracey Meares et al. publish, "Desistance and Legitimacy: The Impact of Offender Notification Meetings on Recidivism among High Risk Offenders," in Justice Quarterly.
Peter Aronow, Alan Gerber and colleagues have a new working paper, "Combining Double Sampling and Bounds to Address Non-Ignorable Missing Outcomes in Randomized Experiments," available at Social Science Research Network.
Andrew Gooch, an ISPS Postdoctoral Fellow at CSAP, offers his perspective on why Governor Malloy's approval ratings have dropped, in the Yale Daily News.
Alan Gerber and Barry Nalebuff's polling experiment mentioned in an article by David Leonhard in The Upshot.

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