Yale Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Volume 5, Issue 1
fall 2014
Editor, Geetanjali Singh Chanda
Managing Editors, Linda Hase & Moe Gardner
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In Memorium - Adrianne Wadewitz

by Mela Toro Waters

pictured, from left: Trip Kirkpatrick, Mela Toro, Professor Laura Wexler, Professor Genevieve Carpio

On May 23rd 2014 a group of faculty, students and staff across disciplines got together in remembering the life and honoring the work of Adrianne Wadewitz, who died swiftly from a rock climbing accident this past spring.  Inspired by the Wadewitz Tribute Edit-a-thon events around the world, WGSS Professor Laura Wexler and Trip Kirkpatrick from the Instructional Technology Group organized this event on Yale campus. The participants learned how to open Wikipedia accounts, create articles and engage in editing.

As the Wikipedia article about her notes, Adrianne Wadewitz was an American feminist scholar of 18th-century British literature, and a noted Wikipedian and commenter on Wikipedia, particularly focusing on gender issues. She possessed many interests and qualities, among them pursuing passionately her scholarly efforts through digital projects, teaching, research, and public scholarship with Wikipedia.  She made nearly 50,000 edits in all, and advocated for more women to edit Wikipedia.  “We need more female editors, more feminists (… of any gender), and more editors willing to work on content related to women. The single most underrepresented group on Wikipedia is married women of color with children.” –Wadewitz stated. 
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