Yale Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Volume 4, Issue 1
fall 2013
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Letters from the Chairs of WGSS & LGBTS


from Inderpal Grewal

As the days get shorter and colder, we are busy. Classes, students, meetings, visitors, conferences – and our own research agendas—keep us occupied ...

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from Kathryn Lofton

I am honored to describe some of the special events supported by LGBT Studies this autumn. We began this school term still awash in the champagne memories of the overturning of DOMA ...

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Twenty Years in New Haven

by Karen Nakamura


I was hired by Yale in 2005 to fill a junior faculty position in Anthropology and East Asian Studies, but this wasn’t my first time in New Haven. I had first arrived in 1994 when I came here to do a Ph.D. in sociocultural anthropology. It’s very strange to be hired by the department that graduated you, even if after graduation you had worked at two other colleges ...

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Student Perspective

Digital Anthropologies
WGSS 486 /ANTH 486/ WGSS 686/ ANTH 686

by Xindi Qin, MA '14 East Asian Studies

Offered for the first time this year by Professor Karen Nakamura, Digital Anthropologies (WGSS 486 /ANTH 686/ANTH 486/WGSS 686) familiarizes students with fundamental concepts and methods about doing research on the “Digital World”: internet, games, online media, etc. ...

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Photo by Randi Himmelfarb

Alum Spotlight: Arthur C. Chang

Almost everyone looks at me, a graying tech entrepreneur with distinctive glasses, and wants to ask, “So what’s with the Women’s Studies?!”

1982 was the end of my Freshman year at Yale. My parents divorced each other for the third time, marking yet another beginning/end of a cycle of violence and abuse that only ended with my father’s death 15 years later. They also stopped paying for my tuition after I announced my major in Women’s Studies. “I want to create a unified view of the world,” I announced.  “Become a doctor,” they said.  I declined.  And they set me free ...

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James Robert Brudner '83 Memorial Prize and Lecture: Cherríe Moraga


Cherríe Moraga delivered the 2013-2014 James Robert Brudner '83 Memorial Prize Lectures at Yale on September 19.  Moraga is a Xicana playwright, essayist, and teacher.  Her talk “‘Man Up’ Queer Feminism After All These Years...” opened with a brief biographical video.  She went on to tell a compelling story of becoming an activist for women of color in a world dominated by patriarchy and heteronormativity ...

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New Faces on the Third Floor


Nessette Falu, Sarah Pettit Doctoral Fellow in LGBT Studies

Nessette Falu is recipient of the 2013-2014 Sarah Pettit Doctoral Fellowship in LGBT Studies at Yale University and a Ph.D. Candidate in Socio-Cultural Anthropology at Rice University ...

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Maya Judd, Lecturer in WGSS

Maya Judd is currently visiting Yale University from Sciences Po, in Paris, where she is the Academic Coordinator of the Masters Program in Public Affairs and Lecturer in the Paris School of International Affairs ...

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The Tenderness of Men in Suburbs: Photographs by Laura Wexler

by Anna Meixler, ‘16

Self-portrait by Laura Wexler

Twenty-one photographs of Laura Wexler’s The Tenderness of Men in the Suburbs line the hallway to the gallery in the Whitney Humanities Center. Before entering, one confronts a twenty-year-old Wexler in a self-portrait. Wexler, now a Professor of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies  and American Studies, stares at her viewer, gaze steady and searching ...

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Keywords in Gender and Sexuality:
A PechaKucha-style Event with Yale Faculty

by Amanda Shadiack, '14


On October 4, WGSS and LGBTS hosted a day of fast-paced presentations on current research in gender and sexuality.  Over 20 faculty members from across Yale’s campus spoke about keywords in gender and sexuality studies.  The day consisted of a series of seven panels where speakers gave brief PechaKucha-style presentations, followed by questions and conversation.  This interdisciplinary event featured faculty from a variety of disciplines including medicine, history, English, religion, political science, visual culture, anthropology, sociology, and more ...

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Reflections on Women, Food, and Culture in Vermont

by Justine Appel, '15

Photo by Zoe Keller

Maria Trumpler, Senior Lecturer in WGSS, took students from her course “Women, Food, and Culture” (WGSS 120) to Vermont over Fall Break to talk with women working in various capacities in the food and agriculture economy ...

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Congratulations Suzanna Fritzberg, Rhodes Scholar


WGSS Senior Suzanna Fritzberg has received a Rhodes Scholarship. She is committed to social justice and the alleviation of poverty in the United States through advocacy and public policy work. She spent last summer working at the Roosevelt Institute Four Freedoms Center Think Tank supported by an Arthur Liman Summer Fellowship and other Yale funding, and proposes at Oxford to study comparative social policy.

WGSS Colloquium and Working Group

WGSS Colloquium

by Andrew E. Dowe and Heather Vermeulen

Since its founding five years ago, the WGSS Graduate Colloquium has become a home for students from across Yale’s graduate and professional programs, formally drawing scholars-in-training into the conversations fostered by WGSS’s extensive programming ...

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WGSS Speaker Series

The Fall 2013 WGSS Speaker Series highlighted the theme of genders and social movements. Scholars who are working to understand the fluidity and porosity of national boundaries and the global networks of the twenty-first century demonstrated how possible connections across genders and social movements could be made.

Spring Events

WGSS and LGBT Studies invite you to mark your calendars for two big events coming in the spring term.

Power/Sex: Consent, Coercion, Context
February 28—March 1

This two-day symposium, organized by Assistant Professor Joseph Fischel, will explore the nexus of sex and power from a variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives.  Featured speakers will include Katherine Franke, Tim Dean, Chandan Reddy, Margot Weiss, and Crsytal Feimster.

Queer Life After DOMA: The Triumph of Gay Marriage in an Age of Family Values
April 25

This day-long symposium will explore the histories and connections between conservative religion and LGBT rights movements in the United States.  Featured speakers will include Kent Brintnall, Patrick Cheng, Lee Edelman, Janet Jakobsen, Rich McCarty, Gill Frank, Mark Jordan, Anthony Petro, Brian Ray, and Heather White.


YaleWomen is the global network of Yale women alums, dedicated to advancing women's voices and perspectives while enriching and inspiring Yale women, Yale and our communities. Read More


Seneca International is a relatively new student group for women's rights set up in 2012. The goal is to educate our peers about the indignities suffered by women in need and to fight for a world in which all people receive full civil, economic, and human rights. Read More

Recent Publications

WGSS and LGBTS congratulate our faculty and affiliates on the publication of their recent scholarship.

Photo “Sikh Children's Literature in the Diaspora” in Sikh Diaspora: Theory, Agency, and Experience, ed. Michael Hawley
Geetanjali SINGH Chanda
Photo “Racial Sovereignty and 'Shooter' Violence: Oak Creek massacre, normative citizenship and the state” in Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, Theory
Inderpal Grewal
Photo Islam Is a Foreign Country: American Muslims and the Global Crisis of Authority
Zareena Grewal
Photo Lee Miller in Fashion
Becky Conekin
Photo “You Can Tell Just By Looking” and 20 Other Myths about LGBT Life and People
Michael Amico


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