Yale Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Volume 1, Issue 2
Spring 2011
Editor, Geetanjali Singh Chanda
Managing Editor, John-Albert Moseley
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Spring Letters from the Chairs of WGSS & LGBTS

Inderpal GrewalFrom Inderpal Grewal

This has been a tumultuous spring and winter with unexpected political unrest in so many parts of the world ...

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John TreatFrom John Treat

I write you again this school year to share news about LGBT Studies at Yale ...

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Middle East Teach-In Series

What's in a Photograph

by Laura Wexler

This photograph commemorates a very exciting and continuing conversation and symposium between Yale WGSS and Middle Eastern academics and activists. We made plans to keep in touch, engage in collaborative course development, remote teaching, and shared research and activist projects ...


Middle East Teach-in

by Bonnie Rose Schulman

In response to the events in the Middle East Professor Marcia Inhorn (WGSS / Anthropology) has initiated a Middle East Teach-in Series ...


An Interview with Graeme Reid

by Jacob Conway

Graeme ReidI have had a very good experience at Yale and it is certainly the longest two-year contract that I have served, having arrived in 2007! ...

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Remembering David Kato

by Graeme Reid

David KatoI first met David in Johannesburg in 1995 a year of intense campaigning in South Africa for the retention of 'sexual orientation' in the Constitution ...

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Seth Weintraub
Gender-Based Violence: Identity Politics in the Media & Scholarly Coverage of the Brandon Teena Case

Gabriel Seidman
Is Safe Sex Queer Sex? Understanding Trends in HIV Transmission Prevention Amongst Men Who Have Sex With Men

Scott Hillier
Purchasing Power: Mapping of the Gender Binary @ J. Crew

Ersilia DeFilippis
The Legacy of Title IX: Discordered Eating, Injuries, and Role Conflict in the Female Collegiate Athlete

Kate Gonzales
Hot Tramp, I Love You So: David Bowie as Icon for Postmodern Queer Subjectivity

Rhiana Gunn-Wright
Breaking the Brood Mare: Representation, Welfare Policy & Teen Pregnancy in New Haven

Alexandra Stein
Radical Potential of Popular Culture? Ellen DeGeneres' Performance of Gay Identity, 1996-2011

WGSS Majors & Senior Essays 2011

WGSS Congratulates Our WGSS Majors, Class of 2011

WGSS Seniors
WGSS Majors '11 with Faculty
Carl Kaufman, Yale Photo and Design

Senior Essay Prizes in WGSS & LGBTS

WGSS and LGBTS is pleased to announce the 2011 Senior Essay prize winners. WGSS continues the tradition of offering the Steere Prize in Women's Studies and the Lily Rosen Prize in Women's Health. LGBT Studies, in association with Yale-GALA also offers GALA Senior Essay Prize ...

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2011 Summer Fellowship in WGSS & LGBTS

WGSS is pleased to be able to offer The Shana Alexander Research Fellowship in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

LGBT Studies is also pleased to be able to continue offering the Solomon Research Fellowship in LGBT Studies ...

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WGSS ColloquiumWGSS Colloquium and Working Group for Graduate Students, 2010-2011

By Natalie Prizel and Emily Johnson

This fall semester WGSS graduate students participated in scintillating discussions and presentations. Both the Working Group and the Colloquium series endeavor to further the development of a strong community and an expanding interdisciplinary conversation among WGSS graduate students.

Working Groups:

We had three excellent working groups this year, two of which featured new members of our community ...

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Course Profile on WGSS 120, Women, Food, and Culture

by Jordan Zimmerman

Maria TrumplerLove her or hate her, Susie Homemaker is a woman whom consumers of American culture cannot forget. The real problem with Susie is not that she places some unattainable ideal of American domestic femininity on a pedestal, but, that her pedestal does not offer enough room for other venerable female food icons ...

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Chandra PrasadAlum Spotlight: Chandra Prasad

Chandra Prasad '97 is the author of the novels On Borrowed Wings, Death of a Circus, and Breathe the Sky, which investigates Amelia Earhart's last days.  She is also the originator and editor of Mixed: An Anthology of Short Fiction on the Multiracial Experience.  Prasad's works have been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Week, Teen Voices, and The New York Times Magazine, among others ...

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The Office of LGBTQ Resources

by Maria Trumpler

Office of LGBTQ Resources
In January of 2009, Yale's Office of LGBTQ Resources formally came into existence ...

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The Women's Center

The Women's Center

This year, the Women's Center had continued working on issues at the heart of earlier feminist battles, from sexual violence to reproductive justice - as well as on a broader range of social justice issues, from immigrant rights to economic justice ...

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Global OprahWGSS Co-Sponsors Global Oprah Conference

by Kathryn Lofton

In February WGSS co-sponsored an international gathering of twenty scholars who contributed to "Global Oprah: Celebrity as Transnational Icon," a conference held at Yale ...

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Yale's LGBTQ Affinity Group,Transgender Health & Yale-GALA's Employee Service Award

by John-Albert Moseley

LGBTQ AffinityIn recent years, the workplace culture at the University has benefited from the development various "Affinity Groups" supported by the Yale Office of Diversity and Inclusion ...

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