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Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Vol. 4 • Issue 5 • May 2016

Jacob HackerFrom Jacob Hacker

As the summer months begin, we are happy to announce our newest cohort of graduate policy fellows. Check out their impressive backgrounds and research aims. And while you are at it, read the two new blogs written by outgoing fellows Celene Reynolds, who discusses the uneven pattern of Title IX complaints against colleges and universities, and Emily Nix, who takes another look at the value of shared learning in the work place. Meanwhile, ISPS faculty member Eitan Hersh writes two provocative articles for the magazine Commonwealth criticizing Massachusetts Secretary of State for failing to modernize their election systems. Enjoy the summer!


Public conferences and workshops are on summer break. Check back with our events page for important updates.


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Our New Graduate Policy Fellows


The Institution for Social and Policy Studies is pleased to announce our new cohort of Policy Fellows for the 2016-17 academic year. This year we selected 12 highly successful fellows who will spend the next year working on policy research related projects. Our new cohort includes a former Peace Corps volunteer, a Rhodes Scholar, and a student who recently founded a mental health start up. Read up on their research projects at ISPS here.

Lux et Data Blogging Corner


Celene Reynolds, Graduate Policy Fellow in Sociology, writes about the unequal reportage of sexual harassment charges in private and selective schools in "The Mobilization of Title IX in Colleges and Universities."
Emily Nix, Graduate Policy Fellow in Economics, finds that there are important spillovers in shared learning that benefit the workplace in "The Challenges to Fair Pay for Group Work."

Eitan Hersh on Massachusetts Voting Issues


Eitan Hersh has written two articles for Commonwealth magazine about Massachusetts voting. In "Galvin's Low Energy Dampens Voting Innovations," Hersh points out that Massachusetts has failed to keep up with its neighboring states on modernizing election systems, such as early voting and same day registration. In "Hersh-Galvin: Round 2," Hersh responds to Secretary of State William Galvin's criticism, and points out ways Massachusetts could consolidate the state's election cycle thereby making it easier for citizens to vote.

Publications, Media, and Mentions


Zack Cooper as a panelist at a Politico-hosted discussion on May 19, "Pro Health Care Report: Reaching the Tipping Point: Health Care Delivery Reform," is now available on video. 
Eitan Hersh writes in the Boston Globe about how political activity has become a hobby in "The Most Dangerous Hobby; in addition, Hersh weighs in on Tom Edsall's article in the New York Times on the value of Voter Score.
Amanda Kowalski and former ISPS Graduate Policy Fellow, Martin Hackmann, win the annual NIHCM Award for their paper published in the American Economic Review.
Alan Gerber and Greg Huber's article in Stanford Social Innovation Review, "Getting Out the Vote Is Tougher Than You Think," takes another look at all the GOTV research.
John Henderson and co-author publish, "Mediating the Electoral Connection: The Information Effects of Voter Signals on Legislative Behavior," in The Journal of Politics.
Jacob Hacker's book "American Amnesia" is mentioned in a New York Times article by Eduardo Porter on the role of government.
Andy Papachristos's work is cited in a New York Times article on the victims and shattered urban communities of gun violence, and also in a New York Times article on using data to preempt urban violence.

Fond Farewells and Transitions


Margaret Peters will be moving to UCLA as a faculty member in the Political Science department.
Susan Hyde will be moving to UC Berkeley as a faculty member in the Political Science department.
Jen Wu, who has worked as a statistician for Zack Cooper, will be starting her PhD program in Political Science at Yale. 
And Catlan Reardon, who has worked as a project manager for Alan Gerber and Greg Huber, will begin her PhD program at UC Berkeley. We wish them all success and happiness!

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