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Greetings from Stephen Latham, Bioethics Center Director

Welcome to this special, snow-delayed Saturday version of our Friday newsletter. We're excited about this Thursday's event: our Animal Ethics group is hosting a public talk by John Calvelli, Executive Vice President for Public Affairs of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Director of its "96 Elephants" project. The project is named for the number of elephants killed by poachers in Africa each day. Calvelli's talk, entitled "96 Elephants: The Fight to End Illegal Ivory," will be held at 4:15pm in the Bowers Auditorium of the Forestry School's Sage Hall, at 205 Prospect Street. The talk is co-sponsored by the Peabody Museum of Natural History, and is part of an Animal Ethics series made possible by an anonymous donation through the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

Coming up next week, on Wednesday, February 3, our colleagues at the Medical School's Program for Biomedical Ethics will host a lecture by Hastings Center President Millie Solomon on "Allocating resources wisely: willful blindness, unbridled choice and other ethical errors." The talk will be at 5pm in the Cohen Auditorium of the Yale Child Study Center. Details and RSVP information at the link.

Congratulations to longtime Bioethics Center affiliate Judge Barry Schaller on the recent publication of his new novel, The Ramadi Affair. Barry tells us that the book continues many of the themes addressed in his earlier non-fiction book, Veterans on Trial: The Coming Battle over PTSD: "law, war, consequences of war, PTSD, moral injury, and moral and ethical decisionmaking."
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Updates from the Summer Institute

From Summer Institute Director Carol Pollard

The Yale School of Medicine’s Program for Biomedical Ethics asked us to tell you that on February 3, at 5pm in the Cohen Auditorium of the Child Study Center, they’ll be hosting Dr. Millie Solomon, President of the Hastings Center, giving a talk entitled “Allocating Resources Wisely: Willful Blindness, Unbridled Choice and Other Ethical Errors.” As many of you already know well, the Hastings Center is the premier bioethics think tank in the United States. A meal will be served, so an RSVP is requested; details, including RSVP instructions, are at the link! 

Amy Constable writes:Happy New Year, and I hope you're all well! I read a slightly disturbing but interesting article about the legacy of human trials that I thought you should read.” (Thank you Amy!)

Greg Becker sent an article to me. Please see it below. Greg comments: “It’s not only that such cases are getting more and more numerous. The level of cheating in this case is threatening. It’s cheating from a-z. The full report has been on the internet for some days. The Hwang case showed how it is possible that such guys continue their work "cloaked.” In the science world Hwang is persona non grata, and, nevertheless, he is head of an institute, and his coworkers publish under his supervision. Therefore I offer a suggestion: a “black list” of names of cheaters, and whoever publishes wherever has to declare not to cooperate with the banned fellows anymore.” The article is: Italian papers on genetically modified crops under investigation,” Alison Abbott, Nature, January 18, 2016. (Thank you Greg!)

Cagri Unsal writes: “I passed my qualification exam yesterday for my PhD. I’ve also decided my thesis topic: Refugees’ right to health, comparing Turkish legislation with that of the United Kingdom and/or Germany. I’m planning on using qualitative research methods in my study.” (Congratulations Cagri! Please click here for a photo!)

Congratulations to Sam Garner who is now an Associate Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Animal Ethics, UK.

Sumaya Noush writes: “I though this new Federal rule about our "mental health prohibitor" would be of interest to the Bioethics group.  The HIPAA Privacy Rule now permits certain covered entities to disclose to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), without consent, the identities of individuals who, for mental health reasons, are prohibited by Federal law from possessing a firearm. Issues of respect for autonomy, privacy, and public safety are screaming for a bioethics review. The final rule can be found at the link.” (Thank you Sumaya!)

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy has a Call for Applications for the Berlin Economic Forum 2016.  For more information: newsletter@cultural-diplomacy.org.

Congratulations to Mia Engstrom, who can now put the initials “MD” after her name! She works in the Department of Medical Ethics, in Lund University, Sweden.

Rebecca Oliver is starting Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine in July! (Congratulations and Good Luck!)

Shlomo Zuckier writes on our Facebook page: “Hi Everyone! You may be interested in a book I co-edited that just came out. One of the nine essays is on former Chief Rabbi of England Immanuel Jakovovits and his founding of the integrated field of Bioethics and Jewish Law. The book is titledTorah and Western Thought: Intellectual Portraits of Orthodoxy and Modernity.” (Congratulations Shlomo!) 

Mayli Mertens wanted to share this article. (Thank you Mayli!) Meditation Reduces Emotional Pain by 44%.

And on the lighter side: A ten-minute video on the original English pronunciation of the dialogue in Shakespeare’s plays.

Here’s this week’s Articles section.


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John Calvelli, Director, "96 Elephants" Project of Wildlife Conservation Society
"96 Elephants: The Fight to End Illegal Ivory"
4:15 pm, Bowers Auditorium, Sage Hall, 205 Prospect St.

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Grants, Fellowships, & Jobs

In addition to the positions we post here from time to time, you can find bioethics jobs and fellowships listed at the Hastings Center's jobs page as well as at Bioethics.net. UK academic bioethics positions (including faculty posts, fellowships, and positions in health systems) are regularly listed on www.jobs.ac.uk. The American Philosophical Association regularly lists opportunities on its "PhilJobs" page. The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics also posts jobs and fellowships on its "opportunities" page.

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Calls for Papers & Nominations

The abstract-submission period for the 2016 International Congress on Palliative Care is coming to a close on January 31. The conference will be held at McGill University in Montreal on October 18-21. The call for abstracts is here

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A re-vamped articles section will appear in upcoming issues of the Friday Newsletter!

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