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Greetings from Stephen Latham, Bioethics Center Director

This is the last of this term's Friday Newsletters; we're off for the holidays until January 8. That means that this is my last chance to remind you of a January 6 lecture at the Program for Biomedical Ethics at the Medical School. Barron Lerner (Medicine, NYU) will be speaking on "Two Doctors, Two Generations: Medical Ethics Then and Now," at 5 pm at the Cohen Auditorium in the Child Study Center. The talk will be based on Dr. Lerner's recent book, The Good Doctor: A Father, a Son and the Evolution of Medical Ethics.

If you have an event or milestone you'd like to see mentioned here, email me at Stephen.Latham@Yale.edu with the word "Frimail" in your subject line. See you in 2016!
  Updates from the Summer Institute

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Updates from the Summer Institute

From Summer Institute Director Carol Pollard

This is the last Friday Newsletter coming to you in 2015. I hope that all of you have an enjoyable Winter Break. Stay safe! Enjoy! See you in 2016!  Here’s my Holiday Present to all of you!

An Alumni gathering took place this week in Madrid, Spain, with Elin Doval, Christopher Doval, Andres Arriaga, and many of our past medical students from the European University of Madrid. Click on links to see some great pictures of the attendees! Lovely! I wish I could have joined them!

Matt Jones writes:Stumbled upon this while doing research for my company’s clinical trials training program.” (Thanks Matt!) “NIH to Retire All Research Chimpanzees,” Sara Reardon, Nature, November 18, 2015

Linnea Michaels and Mohini Banerjee got the go-ahead from Smith College (their alma mater) for both Linnea and Mohini to finance the tuition of a Smith student who wants to attend the Summer Institute. Brava!! (Would be great if more of you would think along these lines! Hint! Hint!)

Leo Polchar has new employment: Communications and Fundraising Assistant at Age UK Lewisham and Southwark Ltd. (Congratulations Leo!)

Condolences to Bryanna Moore, who recently lost her beloved Grandfather.

Selena Marshall wrote on our Facebook page: “Children age 2 and under are being prescribed antipsychotic meds at a growing rate….many doctors worry that these drugs are used despite no published research into their effectiveness….”  (Thanks Selena!) Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics,” Alan Schwarz, The New York Times, December 11, 2015

Mayelin De La Cruz passed on this article on our Facebook page, and I’m passing it on to everyone. (Thanks Mayelin!) “World’s first dengue fever vaccine approved for use by Mexico,” Caribbean360, December 14, 2015

Tulio Rubio-Rodriguez and Mayelin De La Cruz posted this interesting article on our Facebook page. (Thanks Tulio and Mayelin!) “Brain-manipulation studies may produce spurious links to behavior,” Sara Reardon, Nature, December 2015

Paul Young is now a psychiatrist at NHS. (Congratulations Paul!)

Emily Shepp is now a Medical Regulatory Analyst at Blue Cross and Blue Shield. (Congratulations Emily!)

Sally Edwards writes: "Mei Sun and Qian Lin have been to my home for a three-generation Thanksgiving feast, with Mei's and my family sharing the table, and twice Mei and Qian cooked a "hot pot"  for us. At the hot pot supper we all got to eat many different Chinese vegetables and noodles we would never have known to buy and cook. So the Summer Institute drew together two Chinese families (one was three generations) and three generations of an American family and made for a wonderful cross-cultural example of perspectives on aging. Now Mei and Qian are headed home to Changsha. (Thanks for sharing, Sally! Bon Voyage Mei and Qian!)
Mayelin De La Cruz and Matt Jones also shared the following article.  They write "when subjects in clinical trials don't look like the patients who could end up taking the treatments, that can be problematic.  In short, clinical trials are too white." "Clinical Trials Still Don't Reflect The Diversity of America," Rae Ellen Bichell, NPR, December 17, 2015

Updates from Bioethics Forum:
"An Exchange on Right to Try Laws," comment by Lisa Kearns and Arthur Caplan, response from Rebecca Dresser           

Gene Editing: Hope, Hype, and Caution,” Daniel Callahan
Last few places available - Online bioethics course from University of Oxford. There are a small number of places left for the 2016 Online ethics for bioscience course at University of Oxford. Information about the course content and registration is here.

Please check out the Articles Section I’ve prepared for you!


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Conferences & Off Campus Events

Please join Harvard Law School's Petrie-Flom Center for a conversation with former FDA Commissioner (and former New York City Health Commissioner), Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, led by Peter Barton Hutt, former Chief Counsel to FDA and current Senior Counsel at Covington & Burling LLP and Lecturer on Law at HLS. The event will be at 12:30pm on January 20. Topics discussed will include FDA's role and the changing scientific, legal, political, and economic landscape; the overlap of science, innovation, and cost regarding biomedical products; food safety and nutrition; challenges of globalization, and more. Details and registration information are here.

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Grants, Fellowships, & Jobs

We have no specific new listings this week, but you can always check up on the latest bioethics employment opportunities by looking at a number of useful sites. The Hastings Center's bioethics jobs website is here. The American Journal of Bioethics also has a jobs site, here. You can also look at the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities "career center." The Canadian Bioethics Society's listings are here. All of these sites list jobs and fellowships both in academia and in the healthcare industry.

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Calls for Papers & Nominations

The Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University is sponsoring the ninth annual Undergraduate Ethics Symposium, April 14-16, 2016. Deadline for submission of papers by undergraduates is February 1, 2016. Details about the conference and submission guidelines are here.

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Articles of Interest

To read the full text of an article, click on its link and it will open in a new window.  

Some sites may require free registration; others may require that you or your organization have a paid subscription.

In the News

Assisted Reproduction

"Surrogate defies biological parents' abortion demand," Carl Campanile, New York Post, December 14.

"Mexican state votes to ban surrogacy for gay men and foreign people," AP, The Guardian, December 15.


"Terminally ill children as young as 12 should have euthanasia choice, expert panel urges," Sharon Kirkey, National Post (Canada), December 14.

Organ Donation

"Are we entering the age of crowd-sourced organ donations?" Nicholas Hune-Brown, The Guardian, December 16.

Gene Editing

"Congress just put a massive roadblock in the way of genetically editing human embryos," Tanya Lewis, Business Insider, December 16.

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In the Journals

End-of-Life Care

"Association of do-not-resuscitate orders and hospital mortality rate among patients with pneumonia," Walkey et al., JAMA Internal Medicine, December 14. (Hospital quality measures that do not account for patient do-not-resuscitate (DNR) status may penalize hospitals admitting a greater proportion of patients with limits on life-sustaining treatments.)


"2010 pregnancy rates among US women," Curtin et al., NCHS Health E-Stat, December 11. (pregnancies and abortion rates hit record lows in 2010.)

Research Misconduct

"Peer-review fraud: Hacking the scientific publication process," Charlotte Haug, NEJM, December 17.

Research Funding

"Trends in National Institutes of Health funding for clinical trials registered in ClinicalTrials.gov," Ehrhardt et al., JAMA, December 15. (NIH funding declining; industry sponsorship rising)

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