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Greetings from Stephen Latham, Bioethics Center Director

The Yale Law School is formally launching its new Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy this coming week, with a special inaugural conference on Wednesday evening and Thursday. (I'm pleased to be a Scholar in Residence at the Center, in which role I'm teaching--and hope regularly to teach!--a law school seminar on Bioethics and Law.) The conference, entitled "The New Health Care Industry: Integration, Consolidation, Competition in the Wake of the Affordable Care Act," includes an amazing line-up healthcare competition experts from a broad range of disciplines. Details at the link, and in the "On Campus" listings below.

Over at the Medical School, or colleagues in the Program for Biomedical Ethics will be hosting Thorsten Wagner, PhD (Academic Director, Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics), speaking on the implications of the history of Nazi medicine for the study of medical ethics today. Full details in the Tuesday "On Campus" listings below.

Congratulations to Bioethics Scholar Bonnie Kaplan, PhD, FACMI, on publishing the Foreward to a new book entitled Consumer Health Informatics (Springer, 2016). Bonnie's Foreward traces the growth of academic work in the field, and points out the ethics issues that thread their way through the book's nearly 400 pages of discussion of all aspects of consumer health data collection, use, privacy and security.

If you have news or an event you'd like to see covered in this newsletter, write to me at Stephen.Latham@Yale.edu with the word "Frimail" in your subject-line.

  Updates from the Summer Institute

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Updates from the Summer Institute

From Summer Institute Director Carol Pollard

Ron Rose writes: “It’s official! The Federal Government has thrown their full support behind our initiative, and I can “openly” communicate that I’ve been appointed Chair of the Bioethics Committee for a major White House initiative, announced last week during my meeting there. Along with Paul Farmer and Partners in Health, the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, National Cancer Institute, Council  on Foreign Relations, US Office of Global AIDS Coordination and others, we expect to make a major impact on cancer diagnosis and treatment in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti over the next several years. Conservative estimates are that tens of millions of lives will be saved. Here are two links for more information. I feel indescribably fortunate to be part of this endeavor. (Congratulations Ron! I can’t think of a finer member of this group than you. More to relay to the students coming next summer, right? Please click here for a picture!)

Saara Akhtar writes: “Hi everyone! I hope you are all well :) I have just joined ‘This Week in Global Health,’ a team of global health experts who are building a community of academics, professionals and anyone who shares an interest in Global Health. (Not Bioethics, but let’s face it, they could do with a lot more of us in the world!) Check them out on youtube hereMy supervisor is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Globalization and Health and is looking for candidates (with at least a PhD) to join their editorial board. If any of you are interested/know of someone who may be interested, please send them the link to the application form. (Thanks for the information Saara! Hope you get some nibbles!)

Those of you who missed the APHA Annual Meeting (American Public Health Association) can now watch videos of the keynote speakers!  Go to apha@apha.org and check out the presentations!

Tulio Rubio-Rodriguez and Marta Zorzano wanted to make sure you saw this article: “Moral Dilemmas in Autonomous Vehicles,” Jonathan O’Callaghan, IFLSCIENCE, October 26, 2015. (Thank you Tulio and Marta!)

Sierra Alef writes: “I am very happy to report that I received the Institute of International Studies Undergraduate Conference Travel Grant! I also received the Academic Opportunity Fund, another UC Berkeley scholarship, so my trip to the bioethics conference in Zurich is nearly fully funded! (Congratulations Sierra!)

Please check out the latest Braingenetics Update, an online collaboration between Columbia University and The Hastings Center. This e-newsletter contains a combination of news, literature, and events on the ethical, social, and legal implications of psychiatric, neurologic and behavioral genetics.

The latest Hastings Center Bioethics Forum has articles titled “Undocumented Immigrants and the Identification Problem,” “Fresh Territory for Bioethics: Silicon Valley,” and more!  Check it out!

Veena DeeKonda posted this article. (Thank you Veena!) “Trudeau Government Promises to End Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood,” Steve Silva, Global News, October 29, 2015.

Christopher Doval and Mayelin De La Cruz posted this article. (Thank you Christopher and Mayelin!) “This Land Is our Land – The Story of Stuff Project: What Nestle is doing in California.”

Alma Massaro wanted us to know about this request for submissions! (Thank you Alma! IJFAB: International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics: 10th Anniversary Issue. The deadline for submission for this issue is December 1, 2015. IJFAB welcomes feminist scholarship from any discipline on ethical issues related to health, health care, and the biomedical sciences, or to the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health. For the 10th anniversary issue, essays that evaluate the role of feminism in shaping bioethics are particularly welcome. Authors interested in contributing to this issue should contact the editorial office at editorialoffice@ijfab.org

Selena Marshall posted this article. (Thank you Selena!) “Senate Panel Summons Price-Hiking CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals,” Matthew Perrone, The Associated Press, November 4, 2015.

Check out the latest Bioethics Commission Blog (blog.Bioethics.gov).

Tsion Tesfaye  writes: “Here is the link to the information about the upcoming Congressional Briefing with PgED (Personal Genetics Education Project/Harvard Medical School.) Feel free to share in the Frimail. Click here for a pdf version of the flier.  (Thank you Tsion! I hope it all goes smoothly!)

The Sierra Club Environmental Law Program is seeking an Associate Attorney to begin work starting in the fall of 2016. As part of the national Sierra Club’s legal team, the Associate Attorney helps coordinate all aspects of the Club’s legal work, including evaluating proposed legal actions, administering ongoing litigation and participating in select litigation matters as counsel. Please click here for more information and application.

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This Week on Campus

Wednesday, November 11

Yale Medical School's Program for Biomedical Ethics Lecture: "Medical Ethics in Past and Present: The Medical Profession in Nazi Germany and the Implications for Teaching Professionalism Today" Thorsten Wagner, PhD (Academic Director, Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics). 5:00-6:30 PM, Cohen Auditorium, Yale Child Study Center, 230 S. Frontage Road.

Thursday, November 12

Opening of Yale Law School conference to launch new Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy: The New Health Care Industry: Integration, Consolidation, Competition in the wake of the Affordable Care Act. Celebratory opening reception with speaker Kathleen Sebelius, former Secretary of Health and Human Services. Law School Levinson Auditorium, 4:00–6:30pm. Free and open to public, but you must register here.

Friday, November 13

Second day of Yale Law School conference to launch new Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy: The New Health Care Industry: Integration, Consolidation, Competition in the wake of the Affordable Care Act. Celebratory opening reception with speaker Kathleen Sebelius, former Secretary of Health and Human Services. Law School Levinson Auditorium, 4:00–6:30pm. Free and open to public, but you must register here.a

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Conferences & Off Campus Events

On November 18th, 2015, The Connecticut Center for Primary Care (CCPC) will host The 8th Annual Primary Care Summit at the Sheraton Hartford South, Rocky Hill. The summit aims to further participants’ awareness of the strategies required to improve population health outcomes through effective collaboration between primary care providers and public health programs, and by utilizing streamlined core measures developed by the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Committee on Core Metrics for Better Health at Lower Cost. You must register by November 13 using the form at the link above.

Britain's Nuffield Council on Bioethics announces the official public launch on November 30 of its project on "Naturalness." This project will critically explore how current public and political bioethics debates are affected by ideas about naturalness and how this correlates with academic discussions relating to the concept. The public launch in London will feature scientists, philosophers and poets in an evening of (un)natural poetry and debate. Location, timing and registration details at the link.

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Articles of Interest

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In the News

Chimeric (Human/Animal) Research

"Stanford researchers urge lifting of NIH funding restrictions on chimeric research," Phys.Org, November 5.

Physician Aid-in-Dying

"Doctor who championed right to die ends his life," Saerom Yoo, USA Today, November 4.

Sex Selection

"[British] Abortion doctor who agreed to gender-based termination suspended for three months," The Telegraph, November 3.

Commercial Surrogacy

"Mumbai court lifts ban on surrogacy for foreigners--in some cases," Joanna Sugden, Wall Street Journal India, November 4.

Gene Editing

"CRISPR gene editing to be tested on people by 2017, says Editas," Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review, November 5.

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In the Journals

"California doctor convicted of murder over deaths of three patients by overdose," Michael McCarthy, BMJ. November 3.

"On the Moral Acceptability of Physician-Assisted Dying for Non-Autonomous Psychiatric Patients,"  Jukka Varelius, Bioethics, October 8.

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