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Join Handsome Dan in savoring the summer with self-care! All summer long, keep up with Student Wellness at Yale, and beyond. Wherever your summer takes you, there are opportunities to eat well, move well, sleep well and live well. Check out The Wellness Project for the full range of options available to you at Yale, and see below for ideas in major US cities where you may be traveling, interning or working.

Summer Wellness Spotlight

Mindfulness & Meditation On Campus

Are you interested in learning mindfulness and meditation practices to reduce stress, improve sleep and strengthen compassion and concentration? Join Student Wellness for the popular 4-week Koru Mindfulness class, offered on campus this summer.  Registration for two sections now open:

Can't commit to a 4-week course? Drop-in for weekly meditation practice Tuesdays 7-7:45pm throughout the summer. Location varies, so refer to Yale Health website for schedule and other weekly meditations.

Summer Classes at Payne Whitney Gym

Don't miss 8 weeks of great physical education classes at Payne Whitney Gym this summer! Classes are held June 5th through July 28th. Visit the PWG site to see details on registration and schedule for dance, yoga and cardio classes.

Summer Wellness, Wherever You Are

Are you traveling or interning in Boston, NYC, DC, San Francisco or LA this summer? Check out these great options to eat well, move well and live well around the country. Farmers markets, hikes, music and more!

Overwhelmed, stressed or anxious?

Try RAIN: Recognize what's going on, Allow yourself to feel that way, Investigate what it feels like in the body, Note the physical sensations to Not identify with them. Check out more on RAIN and other stress-management techniques from Student Wellness at Yale Health.

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